Benefits Of Studded Tyres

Studded tyres are a must have if you live in an extremely cold, icy or mountainous area. The roads in such areas are normally wet, slushy and icy and driving on them with a vehicle that has all season or summer tyres is a risk that you do not want to take. The studded tyres feature advanced technology that makes them totally perfect for such conditions.

The studded tyres provide a number of benefits when driving on wintry roads. They provide improved performance traction when you are braking, accelerating, grade climbing or negotiating bends and corners with your vehicle. The two most important benefits that you are going to get from the studded tyres while driving are braking and deceleration. They are designed in a manner that uses the weight of the car and radial force to increase both traction and grip.

Another advantage of studded tyres in winter is the reduced friction that they provide between locked wheel braking and optimum slip. This may seem hard to understand but what it simply means in a layman’s language is that these tyres provide better braking potential for anti-lock brakes. Chances of misjudging the braking distance when you are driving on snowy and icy roads will be very low when you have these types of tyres on your car. This means that the likelihood of being involved into an accident or hitting other vehicles or even pedestrians due to braking mistakes when you are driving on icy roads will be very low.

Long-term product development has made the studs lighter and shorter which means that studded tyres are nowadays safer and eco-friendlier. The modern stud technology reduces road wear and ensures a comfortable noise level.

When you start shopping for studded tyres, you will realize that they are cheaper compared to their studless counterparts. Buying a set of studded winter tyres will cost you less money than non-studded winter tyres. If you come from a coastal area where roads are normally covered in ice as opposed to snow in winter, you will definitely save some money if you buy the studded tyres.

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