Are Studded Tyres Worth Buying?


studded tyresAs a driver who cares about your safety and the safety of other people who use your vehicle, you need to do everything possible to make sure that your car is safe to drive in winter. Installing studded tyres is among the things that you can do to enhance the safety of your vehicle. These are winter tyres that have been fitted with metal studs in their tread. Different tyres may have a different number of studs depending on the model and size of the tyre in question. The studs are inserted into the tyres after a process known as vulcanisation.

One significant thing that you need to know about studded tyres is that they are intended be used on roads that have compacted snow or a layer of ice. When you use them on dry summer roads, their performance will leave you disappointed. On the icy and snowy surfaces, the performance of studded tyres is unrivalled. This makes them the best choice of tyres when it comes to driving in places that experience unusually harsh winter weather.

When winter is over, and snow and ice are not available on the road anymore, you will need to switch to either summer or all-season tyres. This is because the studded tyres perform worse in other weather conditions, for instance, wet surfaces. Some countries have outlawed the use of these tyres in other seasons except for winter. So make sure that you understand the laws about their use in the area you come from to avoid getting yourself in trouble.

Modern studded tyres have seen a lot of improvements from what used to be studded tyres of the past. They are less noisy and have studs that are designed to keep their shape even after many days of use. They increase traction in both ice and snow, something that makes it easier for you to start your vehicle when driving on unforgiving road surfaces. When installed correctly, they will increase your safety on the road in cold weather.

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