Tips for Buying and Installing Winter Tyres

 winter tyres

When leaves start changing colour and temperatures start becoming cold, you need to start making changes to your vehicle because winter is coming. You need to make your car ready for the cold season by swapping all season or summer tyres to winter tyres. While all-season tyres claim to work well in all seasons of the year, they are not the best tyres to use if you come from a place that experiences freezing winter weather. Their performance cannot beat that of dedicated winter tyres on the snowy and icy winter roads.

One of the things that make winter tyres different from the other types of tyres on the market is their tread. They feature a unique tread pattern that pushes away ice and snow when you are driving on wintry roads. They are made that way to provide improved performance in snowy conditions. When the temperatures become low, the winter tyres will still work well. They feature unique compounds that enable them to withstand freezing temperatures.

You need to keep in mind that price equals quality when it comes to winter tyres. To be able to find the right ones that will not disappoint, you need to take your time to shop around on the internet or in local tyre shops. As you do that, you may realise that the best quality winter tyres also cost a bit more. However, they also last longer. Their prices are usually comparable to that of all season tyres.

Some people mount just two winter tyres when the cold season comes. You should not do this for your safety. Whether your vehicle is a rear-wheel drive, front wheel drive or four-wheel drive, you need to swap all four summer or all season tyres to winter tyres. While installing just two winter tyres may look like a budget-friendly alternative, it can be very dangerous especially in places where winter is severe. You will not be able to achieve proper handling and control of your vehicle when you install just one or two winter tyres.

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