Important All-Weather Tyres Buying Tips for SUV Owners

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An all-weather tyre is one of the most popular tyres that most car owners probably already have these days. As the name implies, all-weather tyres can be used in all four seasons – summer, fall, spring, and winter. Regardless if it the weather is freezing cold or scorching hot, or anything in between, one can depend on all-weather tyres to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. In a sense, they are more superior compared to all-season tyres, which only works best during spring, summer and fall.

Before you buy a set of all-weather tyres for your SUV, there are some important things you need to be aware off. First, this type of tyre can also be used during the winter season, which is symbolized by the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol on their sidewalls – the same symbol that winter tyres also have. While this similarity can lead to confusion that can be avoided if you know the features that winter tyres have.

The two distinguishing features that you should look for to differentiate these two types of tyres are sipes and studs. The sipes are small slits that grip irregularities in the road for better control. The studs, on the other hand, can only be found and are necessary on for a certain kind winter tyres called studded tyres. Aside from that, winter and all-weather tyres also have some variances in their tread patterns. Winter tyres feature special tread patterns which have higher depth that helps maintain grip while driving on slushy snow or slippery ice.

SUV all-weather tyres often come with a higher price tag than all-season tyres, so make sure that you choose a brand that offers all-weather tyres that would last. Just like when you are still planning to buy the SUV itself, you need to research and check the reputation of the brands you would prefer.

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