Benefits of Using Summer and Winter Tyres

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For locations with more extreme summer or winter conditions, all-weather or all-season tyres might not make the cut when it comes to solid performance. Using specialised tyres like summer and winter tyres ensure that, not only is your vehicle adequately equipped for the season’s harsh conditions, but you’re able to keep safe during your travels by using tyres that are built for the kind of road you’ll traverse through.

When it comes to winter tyres, the golden rule is that, once temperatures drop to near 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit), you must switch to winter tyres. Summer tyres are not equipped with the proper design and technology required for a safe passage through icy and snowy pathways.

All-season tyres may work for a while, but as roads become heavily covered in ice or snow, they can be dangerous to use due to the compromises that they were made with to make them work for other seasons. All-weather tyres may survive longer than all-season tyres, but they too are laden with compromises that they may not be able to safely and efficiently tread through worse road conditions.

Winter tyres also have a highly-grooved tread pattern that provides optimal performance on icy or snowy roads. This immensely helps with making sure that you won’t lose control on the slippery roads, thus lowering the risk of accidents while driving.

The golden rule on when to install summer tyres starts when temperatures rise above 7 degrees Celsius (44.6 degrees Fahrenheit). When temperatures rise to unbearable levels, other tyres may become too hard or too soft, but summer tyres are made with another kind of special rubber compounds that prevent this from happening. This significantly reduces the damage that otherwise the sweltering weather would’ve inflicted on the standard tyres.

The shallow treads are also designed to still efficiently evacuate water from wet summer roads when your vehicle passes through them. This reduces the risk of hydroplaning, and enhances traction while running, making for a safer and more comfortable driving experience. They are more efficient than all-season tyres, due to the compromises that the latter has been incorporated with.

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