The Essential Facts You Need to Know About Summer Tyres

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For most SUV drivers, all-season tyres can serve them well through three-quarters of the entire seasonal cycle, as it’s built with optimum performance for multiple seasons. Most SUVs come with these kinds of tyres, and the need to replace them often only occurs when there’s irreparable damage or when the tyres have run their lifespan.

But for those living in countries where weather conditions can fall into extremes, more specialised tyres must be used to ensure top driving conditions and safety. SUV owners from countries with especially harsh winters will significantly benefit from winter tyres, while those who experience annual blistering summers should invest in summer tyres.

But what makes summer tyres different — and why should they be used instead of all-season tyres when the scorching summer comes?

Compared to all-season tyres, summer tyres are made using special rubber compounds which prevent them from becoming too hard or too soft in the summer, depending on the temperature. They can immensely help avoid accidents that are caused by the unbearably-high temperatures and the damage that it can inflict on regular tyres. All-season and all-weather tyres are manufactured with adjusting towards different seasons in mind, while summer tyres are specially designed to circumvent the top factors that can damage a standard tyre in this season.

Summer tyres feature shallower treads and grooves as opposed to all-season, all-weather, and winter tyres. This may make them seem as if they are used or worn-out tyres, but this design helps them create only a certain amount of friction, improving your grip while controlling your vehicle on the road. Because they do not overexert on friction, they last much longer as opposed to other types. Not only that, but the run-flat technology that is incorporated in the manufacturing of summer tyres enables it to run for a distance even when punctured, but without putting your life at risk.

Depending on your driving habits and car type, you may have to choose between high-performance summer tyres or essential summer tyres. High-performance tyres are more suited to sports and luxury cars, while essential tyres are better for commuter vehicles. Longer-distance driving and other heavy activities also need high-performance tyres.

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