Things to Know About Summer Tyres

Summer Tyres

Driving in summer can be a fun and fulfilling experience if you have the best summer tyres. All-season tyres can work in the summer too, but their performance is not as good as that of designated summer tyres. They are built to provide excellent traction in warmer weather. Not only are they perfect in the summer, but also in fall and spring. They are known for providing better wet and dry grip compared to their all-season counterparts. The only time of the year that they will not be suitable is during winter.

Unlike their winter counterparts that are built to remain sticky and grippy in cold weather, summer tyres are designed to be grippy and stiff to provide excellent handling characteristics on the dry and occasionally wet summer roads. The modern summer tyres can achieve these features with the use of different rubber compounds that are used for making them.

When you take a close look at summer tyres, you will realise that summer tyres feature different kind of tread patterns and grooves than all-season. They are made that way to help with water evacuation. When it starts raining when you are driving, the grooves will channel water and help the tyres to cut through the wet conditions with ease. You will not have a hard time driving in wet conditions unless it starts freezing outside. Since they do not have features for handling well on snowy and icy roads, they will outright let you down when used in cold winter weather.

Because summer tyres are designed for hot and wet road surfaces, they last longer as opposed to other types of tyres when driven only in summer and maintained correctly. Most summer tyres, however, tend to be asymmetrical, which is something that limits the ability to rotate them to increase their lifespan. That aside, their no-compromise design allows for better handling as well as traction in warm weather conditions compared to all season tyres. They may be a bit costlier because you must buy another set of winter tyres to use in the cold season, but if you can manage the costs they are totally worth it.

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