What to Know When Buying All-Weather SUV Tyres

All Weather Tyres

When the time for buying replacement tyres for your car comes, you need to evaluate the different tyre options that are available on the market and determine which one of them will be perfect for your needs.

If you are the kind of person who wants to skip changing from winter tyre to summer tyres and vice versa every season, the right tyres to buy will be all-weather tyres. These tyres can stay on your SUV throughout the year without requiring replacement. Even in winter, they will still perform very well on the road. They can handle just about anything that nature throws at them, including ice, snow and slush in winter.

There are some things you will need to do if you decide to purchase suv all weather tyres for your vehicle. First, you will need to make sure that you know how to differentiate these tyres from other types of tyres on the market. Distinguishing all-weather tyres from all-season tyres is easy. While all-weather tyres are marked with the severe service emblem, the mountain snowflake symbol, for winter conditions, the all-season have the M+S sign that stands for mud and snow.

The tyre that may be very easy to confuse with an all-weather tyre is a winter tyre. This is because both have the three-peak snowflake mountain symbol to signify that they are suitable for cold weather use. The main difference between these two tyres is not something that you can see. The rubber compounds that they are made of that determine the level of traction that you can get in the cold winter season. Another essential difference between the all-weather and winter tyre is their tread design.

Even though all-weather tyres are excellent for year-round use, you need to remember that their performance cannot beat that of designated winter tyres during the cold season. If you live in a place where roads are covered with ice as opposed to snow during winter, winter tyres will provide better performance. So, before you go ahead to buy these tyres, it is imperative that you evaluate the weather conditions of the place you come from and decide which one will be the better choice for your driving needs.

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