Best Time To Change To Summer Tyres


For countries in the Nordics, this year was marked by a rapid change in temperature, from a long winter to an almost immediate summer and completely skipping the spring season. This will create a challenge if you are one of those drivers that want to make sure that you always have the best tyres on your car, regardless of the season. The rational with the tyre change is to ensure that you get the best performance of your tyres and that you are capable to handle the challenges that the seasonal changes bring to the driving. The challenge with winter and summer tyres is when to change. It is surely difficult to plan the change, when it looks like the winter will continue forever, and it suddenly changes to a full-fledged summer.

Drivers tend to prefer a gradual change of seasons, which allows them to better plan the tyre change, and this way ensure that they get the best performance from their tyres. We do know that summer tyres are not good at all during winter conditions, and vice versa, winter tyres are not good on dry or wet summer roads.

In addition to the weather conditions, there might be legal requirements for how to use tyres. It may be prohibited to drive with winter tyres after a certain date. That is one factor, the other one is weather forecast. If the snow and ice has already melted away and temperatures have started to rise, there is no reason to keep the winter tyres on, except if the weather forecast says it will be cold again or there are other reasons to believe that the winter might return.

Once you decide that you should change your tyres, you have the option to do it yourself or take the vehicle to a service station to do the change. The latter option is of course a more convenient option and maybe also a safer option. Experts at service stations have the required expertise of changing tyres and they have the proper equipment to do the change. They will also make sure the tyres are rotated between the seasons to ensure even wear of the tyres.

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