Big Increase In Sales Of SUV Winter Tyres


As the market for SUV has grown drastically, so has the SUV winter tyre market. This is good, as they should go hand in hand as you need winter tyres for your SUV to be able to drive safely. SUVs are now used both as a family car, commuter car and for more all-terrain type of use. It can become a car for everyone, as the design is nice, they are spacious and generally very safe vehicles.

SUV winter tyres come both as SUV studded tyres and SUV non-studded tyres. The SUV studded tyres have the best possible grip especially on ice, but they do come with some restrictions and are not allowed in all countries. They have also more restrictions on the time they can be used. So if you want the best grip during the winter season, get studded tyres, but make sure that you know what rules and regulations apply. If you plan to cross country borders then you need to check before you leave if the studded tyres are allowed on the roads that you plan to drive and if they are allowed in those countries.

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