Respect The Local Laws And Regulations When It Comes To Tyres

studded tyres

When you drive a car you tend to be aware of the laws and regulations for your area or country, but when you plan to drive on vacation and cross country borders, make sure that you know what you can and what you can’t do.

For tyres there are certainly a lot of different regulations in place. In some places you can’t use studded tyres and in some you have to have winter tyres. Make sure you find out before, so you don’t find yourself with studded tires on Autobahn in Germany. Studded tyres are forbidden in Germany so you will be fined and you will in most cases not be permitted to continue driving and you need to get your tyres changed.

It is always best to avoid hassle it if can be avoided. Tyres are such an important safety feature on the car, so you definitely want to have the best safety while you drive and still make sure that you follow local laws and regulations. It doesn’t take much time to do an internet search to check what is allowed and what isn’t.

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