Vacation Driving With The Car During Wintertime

studded tyres

When you plan to drive on vacation during wintertime, you need to do some planning. You need to make sure what weather conditions you will face during your vacation so that you can prepare. There might also be some local rules and regulations that you need to comply to. If you haven’t checked these in advance you might be in for a big surprise and it can add substantial cost to your trip.

If you plan to drive across country borders, you will need to first check your insurance to ensure that you are covered in case of accidents or emergencies. Then check the weather and if there will be winter conditions, you need to make sure that you have proper winter tyres, tyres that have been approved for winter conditions. If you have studded tyres mounted on your car, then you need to check if this is allowed in all the countries where you plan to drive. You can be liable for penalties if the police stops you in countries where they are not allowed, like Germany.

Before leaving on the trip it is also worth checking the tyre pressure, as you will at this point have the car loaded with luggage for the vacation. Check the pressure when the car is loaded and have all the passengers in the car. Low tyre pressure can make your vacation more expensive as your vehicle will consumer more gasoline when you drive. The tyre wear will also increase, so they might wear out during your trip. Check the tread depth before leaving so that you have well above 4mm if you will make a long trip. Unplanned tyre problems can be quite cumbersome and make your vacation less successful.

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