Tyre rotation is part of tyre maintenance

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There are several important steps to ensure good and proper tyre maintenance. Tyre maintenance is very important as it ensures that your tyres are in good condition and safe to drive with. Tyres play a very big role in your vehicle performance and safety. They even impact the fuel consumption. It is important that you take care of the tyres to ensure they last longer and keep you safe while not adding unnecessary costs to your driving.

One of the easiest parts of the maintenance is to check the tread depth of your tyres. This is easily done by pushing in a coin into the groove and measuring the distance. Check both a front and a rear tyre to check if there are any differences in the wear between them. If there is a difference in more than 2-3 mm of wear between the tyres, then you should rotate the tyres. If you normally change tyres every 6 months between summer tyres and winter tyres, the rotation is usually done at this instance. If you manage with one set for the whole year, then you will need to base the rotation on when you reach the difference of 2-3 mm. Tyre rotation is easy to do at a tyre service station.

For electrical cars and hybrids, the wear is higher due to higher torque, so it is important that you monitor the wear more carefully to see when you should rotate the tyres. You will also need to have tyres that are optimized for this use with a more wear resistant rubber compound. Proper rotation of the tyres will increase the lifetime of the tyres.

Other important maintenance steps include the visual inspection of tyres. You need to check if there are any visible damages, like cuts, cracks or tears. You should also check the tyre inflation pressure to make sure that your tyres have the correct pressure. It is not good to have too high or too low tyre pressure. Low tyre pressure increases the rolling resistance, which in turn increases the fuel consumption and the tyre wear. Both these will increase the cost for you. If you notice any tyre problems you should always visit a tyre service station for them to have a look at the problem.

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