Make sure that you change tyres early enough on your SUV

SUV summer tyres

Regardless of what winter tyres you use for your SUV, it is important to make sure that they are mounted on your SUV early enough. If you have SUV all-weather tyres, then you don’t have to worry as you already have them on, but if you have dedicated SUV winter tyres, then you will need to schedule the change before the winter weather arrives. When the temperature drops below zero degrees, the winter tyres already outperform summer tyres. So you don’t have to wait for the snow to arrive to make the change, as soon as you see the night temperatures start to drop to below zero you can initiate the change.

It is very dangerous to drive a heavy vehicle as an SUV when you don’t have the correct tyres, as you will not have the sufficient grip that you will need to drive safely. You need the grip to stay on the road and a short braking distance to avoid accidents. The heavier the vehicle is the better grip it requires to stop from sliding. A heavy vehicle that is gliding out of control on ice can be very dangerous and a very scary experience.

Since SUV summer tyres are not designed for winter use, they don’t provide the necessary grip on ice nor do they have the tread design to perform well on snow or slush. This is why it is important that you have the winter tyres on your car well before the winter weather arrives. If you don’t have very long or harsh winters in the area where you live, you might be able to manage with an all-weather tyre that gives you all year round safety and piece of mind. This can be very useful for people that are heavily dependent on their cars and can’t really manage without a car for a day. With the all-weather tyres you don’t have to worry about weather making the driving dangerous. You never have to get stuck with summer tyres in winter conditions and have to leave your car behind.

The dedicated winter tyres, like a SUV studded tyre or SUV non-studded tyres might be able to outperform an all-weather tyre in harsh winter conditions, but that requires that you have them mounted on your car before the winter weather hits.

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