Winter tyres made for harsh winter conditions

winter tyres

There is a reason why you should change to winter tyres before the winter weather arrives and that is that the winter tyres are made for winter conditions. They can basically handle any type of winter conditions it they are premium winter tyres. This provides you with the safety needed for being able to drive with sufficient control of your car. Winter tyres need to be able to have good grip on snow and ice, so that you can stop effectively and have enough traction to get started and get up even steep hills.


So don’t worry if the streets are covered by snow or there is a snowstorm, because your tyres have been made for these conditions in mind. In heavy snowstorms you have to worry more about the visibility, than about having sufficient grip and control. Winter tyres are able to use its tread pattern to achieve very good grip and control on snowy surfaces. What you need to watch out for is packed snow that can turn into an icy surface, this often happens in crossings, where many cars drive and then stop. This can make these spots very slippery. Studded tyres that have metal studs to create grip on ice are better in these circumstances. Non-studded tyres are not as good on ice, but they are not far off, as they have grip particles integrated in the tread to create a sandpaper type of feel and are able to create an abrasive friction on ice.

The key is that summer tyres have no real chance to work in harsh winter conditions; this is why they are often forbidden in countries that have harsh winters. During the period where you would have harsh winter conditions, summer tyres are not allowed and winter tyres have to be mounted. If there is no regulation against it in your country, you should still avoid trying to drive in these conditions with summer tyres.

So make sure that you have good premium winter tyres that are in good conditions with a tread depth over 4mm and have sufficient pressure in them. They should also be free from cuts or cracks that can lead to tyre blowouts. You also need to make sure that you have them mounted on your car before the snow arrives so that you will be safe when the snow arrives.

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