Tips For Purchasing Winter Tyres For Your SUV

suv winter tyres

If you own an SUV, one of the important changes you will need to make is to replace your normal tyres with winter tyres before the winter season starts. These tyres are designed to do well in cold weather. Even though it means that you will have two sets of tyres when you buy them, it will be worth it considering the benefits that you will get from them. You will have no regret about buying them.

The rubber compound that the suv winter tyres are made of is much softer at cold temperatures compared to the one used for making summer and all-season tyres. Even when the temperatures drop below freezing point, the rubber compound remains pliable. It bends and conforms with the wintry roads that are covered with snow, ice and slush to maintain traction. If you install the winter tyres properly, driving on the challenging wintry roads will be as easy as driving on dry summer roads with summer tyres. Both comfort and safety will be enhanced when you use these tyres for winter driving.

There are two types of winter tyres on the market, namely studded and non-studded winter tyres. This is very important to know because these two types have slight differences in their features and how they are supposed to be used. Studded tyres have metal pins called studs embedded in their tread pattern. These studs are responsible for improving traction on icy roads. The studded tyres are recommended for areas that normally experience ice in winter. Non-studded tyres do not have the metal pins and are recommended for areas that experience snow in winter. Their use is not limited in most areas.

To buy winter tyres that are suitable for your SUV and the region you come from, you need to take some time to research the laws governing the use of these tyres. There are some areas where studded winter tyres are not allowed at all, so you need to know if your area allows them before you go ahead to buy them. Other areas allow the use of studded and non-studded tyres during specific periods or dates of the year. If you are found using them outside the recommended timeframes, you will be fined.

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