Are Winter Tyres Necessary For Winter?

winter tyres

Buying a car can make your journeys much more comfortable. It is easier to reach your destination without being forced to put up with the hassles of public transport. But for the vehicle to be able to serve you well, you need to make sure that it has the right tyres for each season. When it is summer, you need to make sure that the vehicle has the right tyres for summer. When winter sets in, you should have winter tyres that can provide excellent traction on the ice and snowy winter roads.

Winter tyres are essential if you reside in an area that has frigid winter weather. Even if your vehicle is a four wheel or all wheel drive, the winter tyres are still necessary. While all-wheel drive is great when it comes to getting your car moving, it is not so great when it comes to decelerating and bringing your vehicle to a controlled stop on an ice packed road. You need to invest in a set of top winter tyres that are designed to provide extra traction that is required to bring your vehicle to a stop without sliding.

One of the things that make winter tyres ideal for winter weather is their tread patterns. They feature sufficient treads for improved traction on roads that are covered in ice and snow. The winter tyres have a combination of both broader and narrower grooves for removing snow and making sure that the tyres stick on the road and also managing water.

When it reaches that time of the year when the temperatures are consistently under 5 degrees Celsius, you need to keep the winter tyres on your vehicle. They are specially meant for the cold winter weather, so you can rest assured that they will maintain their flexibility regardless of how low the temperatures drop. As a result, you will be able to stay in total control of your vehicle when you are driving on the challenging winter roads. If your driving skills are excellent, your safety will be high when you have these tyres.

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Are Studded Tyres Worth Buying?


studded tyresAs a driver who cares about your safety and the safety of other people who use your vehicle, you need to do everything possible to make sure that your car is safe to drive in winter. Installing studded tyres is among the things that you can do to enhance the safety of your vehicle. These are winter tyres that have been fitted with metal studs in their tread. Different tyres may have a different number of studs depending on the model and size of the tyre in question. The studs are inserted into the tyres after a process known as vulcanisation.

One significant thing that you need to know about studded tyres is that they are intended be used on roads that have compacted snow or a layer of ice. When you use them on dry summer roads, their performance will leave you disappointed. On the icy and snowy surfaces, the performance of studded tyres is unrivalled. This makes them the best choice of tyres when it comes to driving in places that experience unusually harsh winter weather.

When winter is over, and snow and ice are not available on the road anymore, you will need to switch to either summer or all-season tyres. This is because the studded tyres perform worse in other weather conditions, for instance, wet surfaces. Some countries have outlawed the use of these tyres in other seasons except for winter. So make sure that you understand the laws about their use in the area you come from to avoid getting yourself in trouble.

Modern studded tyres have seen a lot of improvements from what used to be studded tyres of the past. They are less noisy and have studs that are designed to keep their shape even after many days of use. They increase traction in both ice and snow, something that makes it easier for you to start your vehicle when driving on unforgiving road surfaces. When installed correctly, they will increase your safety on the road in cold weather.

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Reasons To Buy An All-Weather Tyre

Buying new tyres is not only about finding the right tyres for your vehicle, but also finding the right tires for the particular season of the year. For instance, if it is summer and you want to buy new tyres, you need to look for a set of tyres that is perfect for that season. Buying winter tyres to use on your vehicle in summer is a bad idea because they will not be able to provide the best performance on the road.

When choosing tyres for your vehicle, you have the option of buying separate summer and winter tyres to use during the two seasons respectively or you can just buy all weather tyres to use all year round. If you do not like the hassle of changing tyres on your vehicle every time a new season kicks in, the all-weather tyres will be a perfect choice for you. They are designed to tackle any type of weather, meaning that you can use them in spring, fall, winter and summer without any problem.

Even though the performance of an all-weather tyre may be a bit lower compared to the performance of designated winter and summer tyres, it still performs very well on the road. It can save you money if you do not have the money to save on two sets of tyres for winter and summer. It provides good traction in both dry and wet conditions as well as in winter weather. Unlike all season tires that only work well in areas that experience milder weather, the all-weather tyres have good handling capabilities even in extreme weather conditions.

If you come from a place where temperatures usually drop below 7 degrees Celsius in winter, the all-weather tyres will still perform great. They are designed to deal with rain and handle snowy conditions. When the cold season ends and summer sets in, you will still be able to drive on the road comfortably with the  all weather tyres. They do not lose their handling capabilities in warm weather as it is usually the case with designated winter tyres. They are also very durable, something that makes them a better option to summer tyres in most conditions.

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Reasons To Buy The Best Winter Tyres For The Cold Season

When you buy a new car, it is most likely that it will come fitted with summer or all-season tires. While these tyres have their benefits, the problem is that they cannot perform well in winter. You will need to buy a set of the best winter tyres in readiness for the winter season – that is if you come from an area that experiences very harsh winter weather. Even though winter lasts for only four months in most parts of the world, you do not want to take the risk of driving on ice and snow covered winter roads with summer or all season tyres.

There are some people who may argue that it is better to buy all weather tyres that can serve you all year round instead of having a different set of tyres for every season. While this is something that you can do if you are on a budget, it will be better off to invest in a set of winter tyres if money is not a problem. The performance of all-weather tyres is not as good as the performance of specialty winter tyres. Seasonal swapping may look hectic but it is the way to go if you want to be able to drive comfortably on ice and snow packed roads.

The winter tyres are made from a soft rubber compound that will stay flexible when temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius. Unlike summer and all season tyres that can freeze and harden when exposed to very cold weather, the winter tyres will conform to the road for better controlled handling. The unique tread patterns that these tyres feature have wider grooves that are meant to improve ice and snow traction. They allow water to drain easily, something that helps avoid hydroplaning.

When you buy the best winter tyre for your car, make sure that you get them in a set of four for a balanced and controlled drive. Fitting only two winter tyres on the rear wheels of your car to work with other two all season or summer tyres on the front wheels will not help very much. It is also important to make sure that the winter tyres are properly inflated before you start using them. Lower air pressure from the cold winter weather can affect the tires if they are not inflated properly, making it easier for them to blow up.

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Benefits Of Studded Tyres

Studded tyres are a must have if you live in an extremely cold, icy or mountainous area. The roads in such areas are normally wet, slushy and icy and driving on them with a vehicle that has all season or summer tyres is a risk that you do not want to take. The studded tyres feature advanced technology that makes them totally perfect for such conditions.

The studded tyres provide a number of benefits when driving on wintry roads. They provide improved performance traction when you are braking, accelerating, grade climbing or negotiating bends and corners with your vehicle. The two most important benefits that you are going to get from the studded tyres while driving are braking and deceleration. They are designed in a manner that uses the weight of the car and radial force to increase both traction and grip.

Another advantage of studded tyres in winter is the reduced friction that they provide between locked wheel braking and optimum slip. This may seem hard to understand but what it simply means in a layman’s language is that these tyres provide better braking potential for anti-lock brakes. Chances of misjudging the braking distance when you are driving on snowy and icy roads will be very low when you have these types of tyres on your car. This means that the likelihood of being involved into an accident or hitting other vehicles or even pedestrians due to braking mistakes when you are driving on icy roads will be very low.

Long-term product development has made the studs lighter and shorter which means that studded tyres are nowadays safer and eco-friendlier. The modern stud technology reduces road wear and ensures a comfortable noise level.

When you start shopping for studded tyres, you will realize that they are cheaper compared to their studless counterparts. Buying a set of studded winter tyres will cost you less money than non-studded winter tyres. If you come from a coastal area where roads are normally covered in ice as opposed to snow in winter, you will definitely save some money if you buy the studded tyres.

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Tips For Buying And Installing A Studded Tyre 

studded tyres

Driving on wet, icy roads in winter with a vehicle that has all season or summer tyres can be very dangerous. If you live in an area that experiences harsh winter weather and are mindful of your safety as well as the safety of the people you carry in your vehicle, you would definitely consider fixing studded tyres when this season approaches. Apart from keeping you safe, these tyres will make your driving experience in winter much better. They are a preferred choice for many people who live in cold climates and own vehicles. Continue reading “Tips For Buying And Installing A Studded Tyre “

What To Know About Non-Studded Tyres 

Shopping for tyres may look like an easy thing for someone that has been buying tyres for a long time. But if it is your first time to buy a tyre, it can be challenging to know which one to choose for your vehicle. If you are looking for tyres that are suitable for winter season, you will need to look for winter tyres. There are a lot of options of winter tyres on the market to select from with the main ones being studded and non-studded tyres. The latter have become the most preferred winter tyres for various reasons.

The non-studded tyres can be perfect for autumn when temperatures and weather conditions are hard to predict. Once you mounted them, you will not have to worry about the rapidly changing weather conditions in winter. The modern non-studded tyres lean on advancement in tread designs, advances in technology among other unique technologies that make them very effective. Unlike non-winter tyres’ treads that become stiffer and not able to conform to the irregularities of both snowy and dry roads, the non-studded tyres are capable of remaining flexible even in freezing temperatures.

The rubber compounding technologies that non-studded winter tyres are made of greatly increase their flexibility. Whether you are driving your vehicle on icy, snowy, dry or wet surfaces, they will still be able to maintain traction. They generally have deeper tread depths compared to their summer and all season counterparts. The deeper tread depths make it possible for the tyres to manage slush and snow dispersion from under them very well. They also make it possible for the tyres to provide better snow on snow traction by making sure that it is packed within the tread blocks.

Apart from the deeper tread depths, another thing that makes the non-studded tyres great are the thousands of tiny slits that are found in the tread pattern. Known as sips, these slits act as biting edges when you are driving your vehicle on ice. They help with acceleration, stopping and deceleration. You will still be able to drive your vehicle normally on ice without feeling like you are sliding off the road. If you use your vehicle to go to and from work every day, you can rest assured that you will arrive on time in winter when you have non-studded tyres on the vehicle.

Whether to choose studded or non-studded tyres is totally something of your own preference. Both of them are primarily designed for use in winter. However, if you ask anyone that has used both of these tyres, they are likely to advise you to buy the non-studded tyres. They have features that provide better grip when you are driving on roads that are covered in ice or snow. They are without doubt superior compared to all season tyres. The very deep treads and softer and grippier rubber that they are made of give them the most traction possible. They are a must have if you come from a place where winters are very harsh.

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How Summer Tyres Are Different From Other Tyres 

If you are a car driver, you should know by now that having the right tyres can make a huge difference when you are on the road. There are so many types of tyres on the market nowadays. You need to know the right one to choose for your vehicle depending on where you come from, the season, the nature of the road and so on. During summer, the best tyres to have on your vehicle are summer tyres. These tyres are designed for use in fall, summer and spring. They are not good for winter months.

You definitely need to buy summer tyres if you have a high performance vehicle. Since they are built for agility and speed, you can rely on them for increased responsiveness, braking and cornering capabilities. This is made possible by the specialized tread patterns as well as rubber compounds that these tyres feature. They ensure improved precision while you are driving on the road. Unlike winter tyres, the summer tyres have treads with less grooving. They also allow rubber to be in contact when you are driving your vehicle, something that leads to maximum holding grip.

Another thing that makes summer tyres stand out from winter and all season tyres are their tread compounds. They are designed to be more flexible in order to allow for better grip and traction. There are some that feature shallow tread depths in order to allow for more stability when they are pushed to their limits. These things have very important influence on the safety of your car. Since the summer tyres cannot be used in winter months, there features are pushed in favor of the summer months. Even when the heats gets unbearable outside, you will still be able to drive comfortably and safely on the road.

The summer tyres also have the advantage of being more durable compared to winter and all season tyres. As long as you drive your vehicle on roads that are properly maintained, they can last for many years. This durability becomes very paramount especially when you are considering bigger mileages. However, they happen to be more expensive compared to all season tyres that fall in the same class or come from the same manufacturer. So when you are planning to buy them, make sure that you budget for them accordingly.

The special rubber compounds that the summer tyres are made with prevent them from becoming either too soft or too hard during the summer months. They can help a great deal in preventing accidents that are normally caused due to damaged tyres in the summer season. They are designed in a manner that allows them to create only a particular amount of friction when they come in contact with the road. This in turn allows you to have a good grip while driving your car. They do not wear out easily and will last longer because they do not cause immense friction with the road.

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Features Of The Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 Tyre 

Are you looking for the right studded winter tyres to buy? If you are, you should seriously consider giving the nokian hakkapeliitta 9 studded tyres a try. They are designed to adapt to all forms of winter in a manner that is balanced and skillful. One of the things that make them exceptional is the unique, patented double stud grip. Both of the two types of studs that the tyre features have optimal grip in straight stretches and curves. The problem of swaying or veering off an icy road when you are driving will be a thing of the past when you buy these tyres.

So what features make the nokian hakkapeliitta 9 studded tyres outstanding from the rest? One of these features is definitely the unique Nokian tyres fuctional stud concept. When you purchase these tyres, you will realize that they use two different types of studs. There are dedicated studs that ensure easy as well as confortable driving even in the harshest of conditions. They are located at the center area of the tyre and are responsible for maximizing reliable grip when you are braking or decelerating. The other studs are located on the outer area of the tyre and responsible for providing first class grip when the wheel is turned in slippery curves.

Whether you come across ice or snow while driving on the road, there will be no need to worry because the studs will keep their grip on the road. You would not find this technology in any other studded tyre from another manufacturer. It is new and the first of its kind in the world. The nokian hakkapeliitta 9 also features a green elasto proof biomaterial that makes sure that the rubber compound remains elastic even when you are driving on roads that have very low temperatures. The material is made of strong and very durable chemical bonds that ensure that the tread compound provides the best possible grip year in, year out.

Other features worth noting about the nokian hakkapeliitta 9 tyres include an air space in the middle of the lower flange to reduce stud impact, an eco stud cushion that is designed to dampen on road impact and the beveled hard metal tips found on the center studs. These tips do a great job of distributing the impact force of the studs across a wider area. Road wear of these tyres is greatly reduced by the modern eco stud concept that is also responsible for keeping the noise level down.

The special clinch rubber compound that is used to make the nokian hakkapeliitta 9 makes them very effective. It presses flexibly against the flange of the wheel and makes the bed area more durable. This technology also plays a huge part in reducing the interior noise of the tyres. It causes the vibrations to be dampened from the body of the tyre and prevents them from finding their way into the tyre and inside the car.

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Choosing Between A Studded And Non-Studded Tyre

Driving in winter can be so challenging because the roads are covered with so much snow. To be able to drive easily, you should consider investing in a non-studded tyre. This tyre was created for use during severe weather conditions. The risk of getting involved in road accidents will be lower when you fix it on your car. Furthermore, the studdless tyre is designed to provide ultimate traction. When you are driving on the road, you will have better control of your vehicle when it has studdless tyres.

When choosing between non-studded and studded tyres, there are a number of points you need to consider. The first point is that autumn conditions are quite hard to predict. When whether conditions as well as temperatures are unpredictable, the non-studded tyres can be perfect for your car. Their benefit is that once you mount them on your car, you will not need to worry about the rapidly changing road conditions associated with the winter season. As other people think of replacing their tyres with winter-friendly tyres, you will continue driving your car the same way you usually do on a daily basis.

Another point to consider when choosing between a studded and non-studded tyre is that driving on ice is quite different from driving on snow. If you come from a place where the roads tend to be icy than snow-covered in winter, you may be better off with studded tyres as opposed to their non-studded counterparts. The roads that are usually icy in winter are those in the coastal areas. The studded tyres will do a much better job of maintaining traction on such roads. However, if you come from an area that tends to get more snow than ice in winter, you should consider investing in studdless tyres for comfortable driving.

You also need to keep in mind that packed snow tends to be a challenge in highly traveled areas. Driveways, crossroads and other high traffic areas are usually packed heavy with snow and wet ice in winter. Places with low traffic tend to have little snow and ice on the roads. If you normally drive in high traffic areas, studded tyres will be the better option. They perform better than studdless tyres on hard packed snow and wet ice. However, non-studded tyres have the advantage of being quieter in mild conditions. So if you prefer a quiet ride, they will be the better option to go for between the two.

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